Convert your Raster logo to a Vector logo with 4Design

Fast, professional and accurate conversion of raster based logos to high resolution and infinitely scalable vector format.

Vector logo – The Pitch!

Is your jpeg company logo looking rough around the edges?
Do you want it to look professional, clean and fit for purpose for current and future generations of high resolution displays?
Do you need to put your logo and company details on print media/ large billboards or the side of your company vehicles?

Then you need your logo to be converted to Vector format!

The Science! – What is a Vector file?

A Jpeg or Png file are both forms of Raster files and use thousands of tiny pixels of varying colour to form images such as your logo. When you zoom in on these images or try and expand them, these blocks become more pronounced and quickly make your logo image (or any other graphics) look pixelated, blurry and generally not pleasant to look at which as a professional is not what you want.

Vector files are basically the blueprint for your design. They work by using ‘image paths’. In essence, using mathematical equations which define the start and endpoint of a graphic property such as a curved line, shapes, colours, shading and opacity. This means that they can be scaled to any size and won’t suffer in quality. Once your logo has been converted to this format, it can be scaled to the size of a building without suffering any loss in resolution.

examples of raster files: .jpeg .gif .png

examples of vector files: .pdf .eps .ai

The End Result

Depending on what size you want your logos and for what purpose (eg Print or for use on your website), the vector logo is set to the optimum size and then exported into a usable jpeg or png file with the vector file providing that blueprint.

The beauty of vector files is that not only can they be scaled as needed, the changing of text or colours such as your company name or tagline can quickly and easily be changed with minimal fuss.

Many designers will give you your finished logo in a jpeg or png format and hold onto the vector file to retain your business. Working with 4Design you will not only get your logo package consisting of the vector file as well as web and print sized versions of your logo in .jpg and .png, you will also be able to request alternate sizes/ file formats for no extra cost!

The Cost

Raster to Vector Logo conversion for $25 AUD

What you get:

Vector files of your converted logo in .eps .ai and .pdf complete with hex colour charts based of your logo’s primary colours.

.Jpeg and .Png exports of your vector logo fit for web and print media.

Free colour changes of any aspect of your logo

Free changes of font based text

24 hour turnaround

Priority turnaround (12-24 hours) + $20 AUD

Whats Next?

Simply contact me through my contact page for any questions you may have and set up payment. Easy as that!