Logo Design

Look smart

Fit In

Stand out

A great company logo is one which is memorable, stands out and reflects your company’s ethos.

Whether you’re looking for a new logo design or rebranding of your old logo to breath new life into your company’s image, a ¬†custom designed logo is where to start.


Company Branding sets the theme for your company’s marketing products across the board and will generally reflect elements of your logo to ensure uniformity. This usually includes a range of custom designed stationery including:

Business cards
Compliment slips

Branding will also include the selection of a font/ typeface that in itself conveys your company’s ethos. For example, do you want to be seen as serious and professional or fresh and contemporary? All of these can be conveyed by not just the words you use but the font you select.

Branding is integral to your web presence including your website and its design elements. Simple Favicons that display next to and identifies your website address, assuring confidence in the customer that they are looking at your page instead of a competitors page or a malicious copy.

And in a world of smartphones and tablets, well designed APP icons depicting your company are essential to maintain presence in your target audiences profile.