nuImmortal Logo

Excellent logo design for nuimmortal webblog

I was approached to create the identity packageĀ for a new webblog that covers breakthroughs in longevity research, immortality and transhumanism (I had to look that one up).

With branding comes selecting a name and with that comes whats almost a limitation, is it available as a domain name. Obviously there is enough top level country code domains floating around along with .orgs .me’s and so on but at the end of the day if you want a global domain name, then .com is still the way ahead.

With that in mind, it never hurts to check for available domains. Just because it sounds popular and therefore common, doesn’t mean that everything is taken and with a bit of wordplay you can definitely find something unique for your business.

Whilst thinking of your identity, it helps to think of a logo design to go with it at the same time. Maybe you just want a text based logo in which case design is more about font selection and colours. In this instance, with the idea of immortality in the back of my head, I thought about the symbology that goes with it. Inevitably you’re left with two well recognised (which we want for customer identification) symbols for immortality, the Egyptian Ankh (looks a bit like a cross with a fattened head) and the infinity symbol also known as the Ouroboros (serpent eating itself).

Next, I wanted to incorporate the concept behind the website itself, ie were living in an age of such technological and medical advancement that longevity is no longer the stuff of fiction and could well be attainable within the next 30-40 years… so were all potentially new immortals (see where im going with this?)

Thus with some application of phonetics we settled on ‘nuImmortal’ with the infinity symbol forming the ‘n’ and ‘u’ of this particular logo. As a subtle twist, you’ll notice a slight difference in the font strength of the ‘Im’ and the ‘mortal’ as a mental hook to remind the reader that immortality isnt a foregone conclusion yet with some long way to go… but at least we dont have to drink the blood of virgins anymore (well maybe we do, apparently its called parabiosis and Paypal millionaire Peter Thiel apparently drunk some).

With regards to the background of the logo, being purely web based, I got to forgo some of the more basic design principles such as considering how it would look in monotones etc. The starlit nebula background provides a good platform for the white text and gives it that long term futuristic feel.

Well hope you like this logo design. To see its execution, visit the website here